Yo Decido También
by Bob Montañéz

If Hispanics have not yet bought the March 5, 2012 issue of Time Magazine, I strongly recommend that they do. The magazine has the cover line, “Yo Decido-Why Latinos Will Pick the Next President,” by Michael Scherer. This March issue only serves to support much of what I have stated in my letters-to-the-editors printed in various newspapers around the country.

For years of have been defending against the bigots and racists in the country and especially in West Texas. I remember specifically the warnings issued by one such writer alerting whites of the births of “peon-looking babies” if their sons and daughters were to intermarry.

I responded that all children are God‘s children. But there are still many who believe the contrary since they believe that God is White, of all things! And, just think, this is supposed to be a Christian country! Anyway, wasn’t Jesus a Jew?

I have also ridiculed these white supremacists for their stands and actions against Hispanics considering the consequences of their high birth rates. (I have warned them that it might be a Hispanic who will end up taking care of them in their old age.) I am very sure, these racists will never accept the fact that the huge white supremacist tsunami that was released in the east during colonial times did not drown all the undesirables leaving North American only for whites.

These racists must suffer continuous assaults of anxiety every time they hear that the rates of interracial marriages, the rate of Hispanic births and that the political power of Hispanics are continuously increasing. It must be very disturbing for them to go out into the community and see a Hispanic whichever way they turn. God help them!

In view of the fact that Hispanics have significant political clout, what are the responsibilities of every registered Hispanic voter? For one thing, make sure that all family members are registered to vote and have the required photo I.D. The excuse that “Al cabo nada cambia” must never be accepted. Anyway, that is a poor excuse that only the ignorant and uneducated would say.

After seeing that all family members are registered to vote, ask each member to go out into the Hispanic community and convince and help other Hispanics to register and to obtain a valid photo I.D. Ask the newly-registered to continue this effort throughout the community. The opportunity to stand united is today-not tomorrow!

It is high time that Hispanics make their powerful voices heard all over the nation in all elections. We have the opportunity to make a big difference and to change the country. In any election, never let it be said that Hispanics did not vote; and, that, this inactivity alone, made the difference.

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