Executive Action!!!

Long awaited relief

by Art Leal on 11/20/2014 @ 05:30am

Today, is the long awaited day for many. The day that the President of the United States promised to take Executive Action on immigration. While we know this is not a fix all and only temporary, it is a starting point. We understand that the immigration system is broken and we need permanent fixes. Congress needs to act on a Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill. The House has had bill stalled for over year.

By all estimates this Executive Action can help as many as 5 million undocumented immigrants in addition to the 2012 DACA policy changes. But it will still leave 6 million unaffected. What we hope to see is that parents and spouses are included in the action and also deported veterans. By what we hear, this may be included.

What everyone needs to understand is that this relief is not AMNESTY. This is only temporary deportation relief for immigrants without criminal backgrounds. Two year renewable work visas. Immigrants will not qualify for ACA or government aid. This action will bring immigrants out of the shadows and allow them to contribute to society. No one is jumping the line. There is no line. Close to 250k applications for legal status lost every year. Close to 25k applications for criminal background checks back logged with the FBI. If there was a line it hadn't moved in a long time.

All together this will be good for our country. Immigrants can pay their fee and back taxes and live with their families without fear. Legal status will boost our economy and tax revenue. This is the right side of history.

So today has been exciting. Listening to the news and watching the blogs all leading up to the President's announcement. I myself giving interviews to local media outlets regarding the action. We are sure to hear the sounds of joy accross the country tonight.