Needed: Citizen Journalist (Part Time)

Posted by office on 12/04/2014

Job Description:
We are searching for a passionate volunteer activist willing to observe and report. Citizen Journalist's role is as follows:

  1. Report facts and news that is largely ignored by large media for Una Voz Unida

  2. Act as a check on the reporting of larger news outlets by providing alternative analysis for Una Voz Unida.

  3. Provide photos, videos and written news pieces on evolving stories, often in collaboration with professional journalists.

  4. Represents Una Voz Unida during community events and at public, social, and business gatherings.

  5. Assist in special projects such as fund raisers or public awareness about political issues.

  6. May prepare press releases and fact sheets, and compose letters, using computer.

  7. May act as administrator on Una Voz Unida Facebook page.

  8. May submit original writings to website.

For more information or if you are interested in this volunteer opportunity please email our office.