Una Voz Unida sister-organizations

Una Voz Unida does not believe in reinventing the wheel. The foundation has already been laid by many national and state organizations. The following are a list of sister organizations that we share a common interests.

Hispanic's Across America
Is a grassroots think-tank committed to advancing the educational, social, health and political interests of the Hispanic community.

United States Hispanic Leadership Institute
One of the most powerful, nationally and internationally recognized Latino organizations in the country by organizing and conducting nonpartisan voter registration and leadership development program in 40 states.

National Association of Latino Elected Officials
Working to strengthen American democracy and our community through increased political participation.

William C. Velasquez Institute
The purpose of WCVI is to: conduct research aimed at improving the level of political and economic participation in Latino and other underrepresented communities; To provide information to Latino leaders relevant to the needs of their constituents; To inform the Latino leadership and public about the impact of public policies on Latinos; To inform the Latino leadership and public about political opinions and behavior of Latinos.

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute
The premier Hispanic non-profit and non-partisan 501(c) (3) leadership development organization in the country. CHCI was established in 1978 to help increase opportunities for Hispanics to participate in and contribute to the American policy making process.

Democracia USA
A national nonpartisan Hispanic civic engagement, voter empowerment, community organizing, and leadership development organization.

Southwest Voter Registration Project
SVREP's mission is to empower Latinos and other minorities by increasing their participation in the American democratic process.

National Council of La Raza
The largest national Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States works to improve opportunities for Hispanic Americans.