Our Structure

Una Voz Unida of Odessa 501c4 Civic Organization

The organization operated exclusively to promote social welfare and must operate primarily to further the common good and general welfare of the people of the community. No less than 3 board members.

Focus Areas

  • Community Issues
  • Voting Rights
  • Voter Regristration
  • Candidate & Civic Training
  • Advocacy
  • Voter Mobilization
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The Odessa Civic Engagement Project - http://www.odessacivics.org

The project is operated by a minimum of 8 person committee. The committee is an ad hoc committee created specifically to assist Una Voz Unida achieve its mission. Specifically OCEP will control:

  • Voting Rights
  • Voter Registration
  • Candidate & Civic Training
  • Voter Mobilization

Una Voz Unida Political Action Committee - UVUPAC 527 (Deactivated)

We appreciate all those who helped with organizing the PAC and we thank them for their dedication. We will no longer maintain a Political Action Committee.

Established to promote and facilitate the accumulation of voluntary contributions in a manner consistent with applicable Federal law to support political parties and to influence the nomination and election of qualified candidates to Local office in the United States. Particular emphaisis will be given to candidates who have taken responsible positions, which generally support and further the mission and vision which are in the best interest of the association and their members. Visit PAC Website here

  • Candidate Endorsements


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